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Infomedia (50 PCT.)

Infomedia A/S was established on November 1, 2002 as the result of a merger between Politiken’s newspaper archive Polinfo and Berlingske Media’s newspaper archive Avisdata. In the summer of 2006, Infomedia bought its long-standing partner, Ajour Klip Gruppen A/S, which has supplied press cuttings and resumes since 1983. More recently, Infomedia acquired Cision Danmark, the former Observer Presseklip.

Market position
Infomedia is the market’s leading player in media intelligence. The company gives access to Denmark’s largest article database and offers media monitoring of any kind and the market’s strongest media analysis.

Infomedia has more than 100 employees.

LexisNexis: Global supplier of news, business information and legal information owned by Reed Elsevier Group plc. With its 36,000 sources from all over the world, LexisNexis is one of the world’s absolute leading information providers. Infomedia is the Danish distributor of LexisNexis’ services.

Retriever: Nordic media intelligence company owned by the Schibsted media group. Retriever covers the Nordic media market for Infomedia.

InterMedium: Norwegian media monitoring company owned by the major Norwegian media houses. InterMedium covers the Norwegian media for Infomedia in cooperation with Retriever.

Esmerk: Finnish media monitoring company that covers media in 30 languages as part of the SanomaWSOY media group. Esmerk covers the Finnish media for Infomedia.

Opoint: Norwegian web crawler owned by Edda Media (under Mecom Group) with expertise in Internet news monitoring. Opoint is the technical capacity behind Infomedia’s web monitoring.

BiQ: Danish web-based provider of business intelligence. BiQ maps networks, ownership structures and companies in the Danish business world and offers day-to-day news on people and companies. BiQ’s information suppliers include the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency, Experian, Statstidende, Danish companies – and Infomedia. BiQ’s subscribers can implement free searches in Infomedia’s article archive and read articles at a reduced price.

JP/Politikens Hus owns 50% of Infomedia. The remaining 50% is owned by Berlingske Media.