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JP/Politikens Forlagshus

JP/Politikens Forlag

JP/Politikens Forlag is domiciled in Politikens Hus and is the registered office of Politikens ForlagJyllands-Postens ForlagEkstra Bladets Forlag as well as Politikens Boghal. The company is one of Denmark’s major publishing houses.

Market position
JP/Politikens Forlag has a broad readership as the target group for the publication of fiction, business books, travel books, handbooks, non-fiction, hobby books, memoirs and biographies and journalistic books published in cooperation with Politiken, Jyllands-Posten and Ekstra Bladet.

The publication program includes 80 annual titles and is highly commercial with a strong emphasis on high quality and bestsellers.

Since 2000, the publishing house has displayed major organic growth with a revitalisation of established publication areas as well as the development of new areas including a large fiction based program as well as internet-based activities such as in cooperation with JP/Politikens Hus.

JP/Politikens Forlag – formerly Politikens Forlag – was founded in 1936 and has a long-standing tradition of developing high quality books, both in print and digitally, in cooperation with professionally recognized authors.

For many years the publishing house was known and recognized for its hand books and dictionaries, which stood in every Danish home. Today the publishing house successfully altered its focus to trend spot and develop strong authorships and brands with a large audience.

The publishing house has a significant literary profile, with both Danish and foreign writers as part of the publishing program. This applies e.g. to the critically acclaimed and award-winning authors Jussi Adler-Olsen, Erik Valeur, Elsebeth Egholm and Jyllands-Postens journalist Jesper Stein, whose books also are sold abroad.

The Travel book series “The trip to…”, Politiken's Handbook in Modern and Politiken's Spelling Dictionary accounts for JP/Politikens Forlag’s general non-fiction program along with current journalistic books, memoirs and biographies, and not least popular lifestyle books on health, food and family and Morten Ingemanns recurring “And it was Danmark” calendar.

The management consist of Lene Juul, CEO, Head of Fiction Charlotte Weiss, Head of non-fiction Kim Hundevadt, sales- and marketing manager Lise Ringhof, digital chief Jacob Harden and Head of Finance Annette Whitt. 



JP/Politikens Forlag is a part of JP/Politikens Hus A/S.



Direktør JP/Politikens Forlag
f. 1968
Ansat siden: 2000

Tidligere stillinger:

2005-2012:   Direktør JP/Politikens Forlagshus 
2002-2005:   Salg- og marketingdirektør Politikens Forlag
2000-2002:   Salg- og marketingchef Politikens Forlag 
1999-2000:   Salg- og marketingchef Bonnier Forlagene 
1995-1999:   Salg- og marketingchef Børsens Forlag og Forlaget Møntergården
1991-1995:   Salg- og marketingkonsulent Børsens Forlag
1989-1991:   Salg- marketing trainee Dagbladet Børsen